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We SPECIALIZE in Weddings!!!

We would love to be part of the most important day of your life, YOUR WEDDING! Whether you want the mood enchanting and romantic, or wild and fun, we will help you select the right music.

Wedding guests are typically a very diverse audience, so you want a DJ who is knowledgable of, and has access to a huge library of music othat includes multiple genres and multiple eras. We have the knowledge and library you need. We have this week's hits all the way to your favourites from years gone by. We have 1000s of songs that are licensed for public performance, that means no legal issues on your big day! Here are some more reasons we are the right choice.


  • Early set-up; so we do not disturb you and your guests (when feasible)

  • Free consultations; your event is uniquely yours so we strive to ensure all the little things are planned out in advance.

  • A huge library of legally licensed music that dates back to the 40s and is updated monthly by a professional music supply service with all the latest chart hits.

  • Professional DJ equipment that allows me to seamlessly beat-mix one song into the next for a constant stream of music that keeps the party going

  • Knowledge of all the Wedding traditions that require music, such as Grand Entrance, First Dance, Garter Removal etc.

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